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  • SMA SI 4.4M-11+Sony Power Storage Set 9.6 SMA SI 4.4M-11+Sony Power Storage Set 9.6

SMA SI 4.4M-11+Sony Power Storage Set 4.8


SMA SI 6.0H-11+Sony Power Storage Set 9.6

SMA SI 4.4M-11+Sony Power Storage Set 9.6

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SMA SI 4.4M-11 + Sony Power Storage Set 9.6
SMA SI 4.4M + Sony fORTELION Lithium storage set 9.6
Sony has developed a new battery that is ideal for applications in the field of renewable energy.

It is characterized by:

environmental friendliness
Longevity up to 20 years (up to 8000 cycles)
Superior performance and efficiency (100% DoD)
Highest security

The Sony power storage is always discharged to 0% and charged up to 100%, over the entire life, without restriction (100% DoD). Other technologies, e.g. Lead, the actual storage capacity is often only 30 to 60%. For you, with Sony, you need less power and have more to optimize your PV power. And all this in an environmentally friendly manner, as these batteries contain safe substances such as iron and phosphate, the electricity storage is not based on materials such as cobalt oxide or cadmium.

The Olivine iron phosphate technology is one of the safest technologies in the field of lithium-ion batteries. No harmful or hazardous gases are produced during operation. Special room ventilation is not required during operation.

Sony battery modules have been awarded the "UL Subject 1973" accreditation from Underwriters Laboratories, the world's first lithium-ion battery system, a new standard for the safety of stationary battery modules.

The Sony Olivine batteries have a modular concept. The size can be selected freely. A controller manages the connected storage modules and communicates with the PV storage system of a leading manufacturer (e.g., SMA Sunny Back Up).

The lifetime of the system is up to 20 years (up to 8000 cycles).

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